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“He’s laid his life bare.” That’s the remark a friend made after a first listen to Let the Thief Make Honest Work With His Hands, Americana singer-songwriter Andrew Michael Akins’ debut full-length album. It leaves an impression like a faint childhood scar, as if you’ve known the story for years. Akins’ poignant storytelling and genre-bending genius is on full display, as it is in his follow-up EP The Corner Room. Self-produced, each release bookended 2019, respectively, and has earned him a loyal local following in his hometown of Amarillo, TX, garnering comparisons to Gregory Alan Isakov and David Ramirez.



11/21/20: So much has changed since the last time I updated you guys. I moved houses, became a full time student, watched multiple close friends get married; I even went on sabbatical. Almost nothing is the same. But as we close down this year to remember - for better or worse - I can look back and be thankful for a lot. The LORD provides beyond our capability to understand. Also, new music will be in your ears soon; but in the meantime, I'll be posting my top albums of the year next month. The list might surprise you. Stay safe and well, friends. - AMA

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