From the vein of Gregory Alan Isakov, Brandi Carlile and Ray LaMontagne comes Andrew Michael Akins - a singer-songwriter who strikes a balance of emotive traditional folk and southern-tinged country soul. Aptly described as "Texas-Folk", the 25-year old songwriter already boasts an impressive catalogue of two EPs and a full-length album, each self-produced and engineered. Akins' pension for honesty and depth are reflected lyrically in all three works, poignantly touching on themes of spiritual doubt, family, hypocrisy, depression, and love. The young Amarillo-native profoundly weaves in his own experiences unabated, providing listeners a deep well of empathy and grace.

Born in Nashville, TN, but raised in Amarillo, TX, those flatlands of the Texas panhandle provide a scenic backdrop for listeners. The beautiful yet barren landscape has fueled Akins' creative vision since the beginning of his writing and playing career. After just two years in high school of writing and playing songs in coffee shops, Akins released his first recorded work as a senior, a humble four-song demo album - which garnered over a thousand Bandcamp plays. Off the strength of this demo album, Akins would regularly perform sold-out shows at coffee shops.

In 2016, Akins teamed up with fellow Amarillo songwriter and close friend Tanyon Sann Allison. The two co-produced Akins' first EP offering, Wilderness, an ode to the dearth of the land which reflected the songwriter's inward draught. The EP caught traction with songs "November" and "The Wilderness", earning an honorable mention as one of the best Panhandle albums of 2016.

Two months after the release of Wilderness, Akins began recording songs he'd written during its creation. These ballads carried a common theme of fatherhood and sonship, a catalogue of Akins' own upbringing. Two long-paced years brought them to life in the self-produced Let the Thief Make Honest Work With His Hands, released in 2019. This debut LP was met with acclaim for its storytelling, lyrics, and musical vision, earning exceptional praise for "More Than a Fool" and "Honest Work".

Following the release, Akins sporadically performed but continued writing, emerging with another EP in late 2019. Aptly named The Corner Room, it was recorded, performed and produced entirely by Akins in the vacant corner room of his house. The four tracks showcased love, obsession, and false hope as his most melancholy work to date; dotted as well with hints of progressive rock.